eureka 3d camera

Eureka 3D Camera

Supercharged with AI to Power
Your 3D Vision Applications

Eureka 3D Camera is the perfect way to add 3D Vision to your robotic systems without the need for expensive hardware or complex software.

Fully integrated with the Eureka Controller, it enables any engineer, not just robotics experts, to get started quickly and easily on their 3D Vision & Robotics journey.


Supercharged with AI

Al-based 3D reconstruction, pre-trained Al models for masterless object recognition, Al-based 3D defect detection, and more.


Unlike existing industrial 3D cameras, Eureka 3D Camera does not project any light pattern, eliminating completely any eye-safety hazards for operators.

Full integration with Eureka Controller

Integrate 3D Vision with robot arms and other industrial devices in minutes, not months.

Lightweight design

Easy to install and use in a variety of industrial settings.

Dense point cloud

Combined with Eureka’s High Accuracy- High Agility (HA-HA) technology, this enables high-precision handling of small and delicate objects.

Competitive pricing

By simplifying the hardware and leveraging Eureka Controller, Eureka 3D Camera is 3x more competitive than any camera on the market.

Key Benefits

AI-based 3D Reconstruction

Using Eureka Controller GUI, building the application flow is effortless, intuitive, and doesn’t need any advanced programming.

You can easily develop Computer Vision functionalities using the graphical interface, either to guide the robot motion or to perform quality inspection.

Flexible for Diverse Applications

Easy to install and configure, saving you time and money.

Ideal for a variety of applications with different Fields of View (FOV) and depth resolutions, from picking of 2 mm capacitors to palletizing of 25 kg flour bags.

Eureka 3D Camera

Accurate Point Clouds

Fast vision processing time of <1s to enable applications with short cycle times, such as real-time 3D bin picking.

Dense and accurate point clouds with <1 mm accuracy.

Industrial Applications


Masterless Picking


3D Random Picking


Mixed Palletization / De-palletization

Optics / Electronics

High Precision Part Picking

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