Eureka Robotics’ Joint Development with Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures

We are pleased to announce Eureka Robotics’ joint development with Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures: industry’s first “Grasp Anything” system!

How to grasp a wide variety of objects without any programming is the Holy Grail of Warehouse Automation. Eureka Robotics and Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures, a Bridgestone Corporation company, have joined forces to fundamentally tackle this challenge.

Leveraging Soft Actuator technology, Bridgestone’s Soft Robot Hand is able to grasp a remarkably wide variety of objects while being tolerant to positioning uncertainties and collisions. 

Leveraging Eureka’s AI Masterless Picking technology, Eureka Controller and Eureka 3D Camera enable robots to find grasping strategies for new objects with little to no teaching required, and especially without the need for “Master data”.

The integration of Bridgestone’s Soft Robot Hand with Eureka Controller and Eureka 3D Camera thus offers an effortless yet powerful experience to automated picking.

This collaboration was unveiled during Manufacturing World Nagoya, April 10th – April 12th 2024, through two groundbreaking demonstrations:

  1. Grasp Anything: visitors could bring any object, and the robot would instantly grasp it, without any programming or training. From industrial metal parts, to spray bottles, to lipsticks, to soft toys, to even strawberries: Eureka 3D Camera & Eureka Controller were able to find the correct grasp and guide Bridgestone Soft Hand to delicately pick up the objects, to the crowd’s amazement!
  2. Automated Kitting: with minimal training, the robot was able to pick up automotive parts of widely-varying sizes and shapes, and arrange them neatly in a kit. This demo made a resounding impression on visitors hailing from Nagoya’s extensive automotive industry.

In the picture, Mr. Otoyama, CEO of Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures, and our CEO Pham Quang Cuong, shook hands to celebrate this collaboration.

Check out Eureka Controller and Eureka 3D Camera brochures and contact us for more information!