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Supercharged with AI to Power Your 3D Vision Applications

Eureka 3D Camera is the perfect way to add 3D Vision to your robotic systems without the need for expensive hardware or complex software.

Fully integrated with the Eureka Controller, it enables any engineer, not just robotics experts, to get started quickly and easily on their 3D Vision & Robotics journey.


Eureka 3D Camera point cloud

AI-based 3D Reconstruction

  • Using Deep-Learning to reconstruct 3D scenes, without requiring any pattern projection or Time-of-Flight (TOF)
  • Able to handle a variety of semi-transparent objects
  • Robust to environmental changes (lighting condition, contrast, and more)
Eureka 3D Camera

Flexible for Diverse Applications

  • Easy to install and configure, saving you time and money
  • Ideal for a variety of applications with different Fields of View (FOV) and depth resolutions, from picking of 2 mm capacitors to palletizing of 25 kg flour bags

Accurate Point Clouds

  • Fast vision pipeline of <1 s to enable applications with short cycle times, such as real-time 3D bin picking
  • Dense and accurate point clouds with <1 mm accuracy


3D Random Picking for Logistics

3D Random Picking for Logistics

High Precision Component Picking

High-Precision Component Picking

Mixed Palletization / De-palletization

Mixed Palletization / De-palletization


Eureka 3D Camera Specifications

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