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Eureka Robotics

Eureka Robotics targets high-precision tasks in manufacturing verticals such as Optics, Electronics, Semiconductors, Aerospace, and Automotive.

Over 10 million of operations have already been performed in factories of leading manufacturing companies from Japan, China, Singapore, and the US.



Lens picking by Eureka Robotics

Handling for inspection, packaging


Close up of Archimedes tri-prong gripper that can pick up sensitive lenses easily and accurately

Handling for coating, cleaning, polishing


Mix Palletizing and De-Palletizing

3D bin picking


3D Bin Picking

High-accuracy 3D picking

Aerospace MRO

Eureka Robotics dispensing application

Braze dispensing

Aerospace MRO

Medical technology concept with 3d rendering robot surgery machine with surgery lights on white background

Weigh & Lay

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