EUREKA ROBOTICS & ATEQ Corp. enter business partnership

EUREKA ROBOTICS, a pioneering provider of Robotics and AI technologies to automate High Accuracy – High Agility (HAHA) tasks, and ATEQ Corp., a global leader in the manufacturing of leak and flow testers, have entered into a strategic business partnership. Similar to ATEQ, EUREKA ROBOTICS supplies technologies and systems for production lines within a variety of manufacturing industries including optics, electronics and automotive. 

ATEQ and EUREKA ROBOTICS share a similar customer base so this is a logical partnership for us. We often get customers who want an automated solution that involves pick-and-place to integrate with leak testing stations on a production line, so now we have a trusted partner to work with who knows our products,” said Davy Leboucher, ATEQ North America CEO.

ATEQ and EUREKA ROBOTICS are both global customer-driven companies focused on innovation that work with manufacturers all around the world. Both companies have a strong presence in Singapore, France and the United States making it easy for any manufacturer to get local help with robotic leak testing solutions. 

The partnership between EUREKA ROBOTICS and ATEQ will add Robotics and AI capabilities to ATEQ’s existing leak testing offer, while enabling EUREKA ROBOTICS to gain access to North America’s large automation market” said Pham Quang Cuong, EUREKA ROBOTICS’ Co-founder.

Eureka Robotics develops and commercializes cutting-edge Robotics and AI technologies to automate High Accuracy – High Agility (HAHA tasks). Incumbent robotics technologies can address either High Accuracy (e.g. robots in car manufacturing lines which are accurate but are taught to repeat the same motion for the same car model) or High Agility (e.g. robots in warehouse which can achieve a few mm accuracy at best), but not both.

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ATEQ is a global provider of a wide range of Leak/Flow Testing equipment for all industries to ensure the integrity of manufactured components. ATEQ offers application feasibility studies, assistance in determining testing specifications, and consultations on possible testing solutions. ATEQ can provide training, support, repairs, along with in-house or ONSITE standard and ISO 17025 calibrations. The company also works with machine builders to plan integrated automatic testing solutions. Since 1975, ATEQ has been offering the fastest cycle time, sensors & valves that are built in-house and a global network of experienced engineers with an expansive portfolio of applications from world-renowned customers.

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