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We are super excited to announce the opening of our new office in Paris, France! Paris is one of the leading global hubs for Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence. Eureka Robotics SAS, under the leadership of Senior Scientist Dr. Joseph Mirabel, will tap into this incredible reservoir of talents to further advance our technological edge.
France and Europe are also key markets for the optics and photonics industries. We look forward to partnering with members of EPIC-European Photonics Industry Consortium and Systematic Paris-Region to bring innovative robotics solutions to these markets.
Merci beaucoup to our friends, Business France, and Choose Paris Region for your advice and support during our incorporation process!

Farewell, Archimedes! Go and serve your masters well!

Emotional day at Eureka Robotics, as we say goodbye to Archimedes. After months of hard work and sustained innovation, we are proud to deliver to our customer II-VI Incorporated what probably is the world’s smartest ultra-precision optics handler.

Archimedes handles lenses and mirrors with 10’s of microns accuracy, and automatically adapts to wildly different optics shapes, sizes, and thickness, thus helping our customers achieve vastly improved productivity, quality, and flexibility.