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Sami AkhtarSami Ahktar joins Eureka Robotics as Vice President of Products With a background in product management, strategy, and business development, Sami brings 21 years of experience building and scaling hardware-software products, focused on differentiation through software.

A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, with expertise in semiconductors, supply chain automation, and robotics at Hitachi, Advantest, Synopsys, and GreyOrange, he has created and launched several products from scratch in the U.S. and Japan.

“I’m really excited to join this team of highly accomplished and genuine folks in the deep-tech robotics space who address real-world problems in manufacturing and warehousing. The maturity of the product and technologies that Eureka Robotics has, and the challenge of building a highly scaled business focused on applications will bring disproportionate continuous value to our customers,” he said.

When Sami is not leading large product and engineering teams, you may find him running marathons, swimming with his daughter, or reading about the stars.

We are proud to introduce our Advisor, Nalin Advani. A veteran technology entrepreneur, leader and investor (WindRiver, eSOL, Barco, GreyOrange), Nalin has been decisively helping us shape and deliver our technological and commercial strategies. With eminent robotics thought-leaders Nalin, Jean-Paul (Laumond), and Jean-Jacques (Slotine) on our Board of Advisors, Eureka Robotics is blessed with a stellar support to profoundly transform industrial automation.


We are looking forward to partnering with optics manufacturing companies in the EPIC network. We can help you achieve higher productivity, quality, and safety by automating the handling and inspection of your lenses, mirrors, and other high-precision parts, through our High Agility – High Accuracy (#HAHA) technology.

Thank you, EPIC, for welcoming us in the global #photonics ecosystem! We are committed to promoting, together with EPIC members, sustainable development of the photonics fields.

Hello Zhanxin, can you share with us how you got in touch with Robotics?

A robotics dream secretly blossomed in a teenager’s heart when he watched “Iron Man” for the first time. It was not some unrealistic super powers, but rather the high technology that attracted this teenager.

I am that young boy, and I grew up with the strong passion for robots and AI. With that passion, I successfully applied to study at one of the most famous technological universities in the world, and then landed an internship at Eureka Robotics.

How is your internship experience at Eureka Robotics?

As a mechanical engineer intern, I was not assigned some menial assistance work, but rather the very tasks at the heart of actual products. What I enjoy the most is that, not only I can put in practice my existing skills, such as mechanical design, but I can also learn new skills, such as robotic programming, and most importantly, learn how robotic engineers work with each other.

Robotics is a new and growing field, and with professional engineers like those from Eureka Robotics, great successes will come in the near future!

Hello Hien, can you share with us how you got in touch with Robotics?

Growing up with an endless curiosity and fascination about science and machinery, I have always dreamed of building machines, robotic systems, that would liberate humans from routine, tedious, and labor-intensive tasks, like washing machines do.

I remember, during my high school years, I was passionate about Physics, which explains how machines around us are built and how they operate. I also started to tinker with electrical and electronics, from small toys like remote controls to more complicated ones such as computers.

At university, I naturally enrolled in Mechanical Engineering and specialized in Robotics and Mechatronics, a first concrete step towards my childhood dream.

How was your first year at Eureka Robotics?

Right after graduation, I decided to join a newly established start-up company, Eureka Robotics, as a Robotics Engineer in charge of mechanical design and software development.

In my first year with Eureka Robotics, I have immensely enjoyed devoting my efforts to fulfill the company’s mission, which is to build and deliver versatile and smart robotic systems to tackle unsolved industrial problems.

The long journey to success still lies ahead, and countless challenges are awaiting, but with a strong belief in the excellent people of Eureka Robotics, together, we can make it happen!

Hello Jingwen, can you share with us how you got in touch with Robotics?

STEM courses in my secondary school provided me an opportunity to get involved with the Robotics field. The experience of building simple robots with LEGO sets stirred up my interest in creating something that can help people in real life. With that interest, I chose to study Mechanical Engineering, with specialization in Mechatronics, during University.

How is your internship experience at Eureka Robotics?

The internship time spent in Eureka Robotics is very enriching and worth every second to me. As a Robotics Intern, I was involved in multiple projects with a group of talented people. Throughout the projects, the team provided a lot of support and guidance to me to achieve the final goals.

Apart from learning new skills, such as developing front-end apps or creating effective mechanical designs, the experience here has also allowed me to identify my competency gaps. This will help me have a clearer plan and directions for my future studies.