Eureka Controller

Fully Integrated Solution for Vision & Robotics Applications

Eureka Controller connects with robot arms, cameras, and other industrial devices, and enables them to create powerful Vision & Robotics applications.

Eureka Controller

HA-HA Technology

High Accuracy – High Agility (HAHA) technology is critical for robots to perform tasks that require high precision, down to 50 microns, while being able to adapt to uncertainties or changes in the environment. Key technical pillars of HAHA are AI-based Computer Vision, Motion Planning, High-Accuracy Calibration, and Force Control, which are all integral parts of the Eureka Controller.

Eureka Robotics’ HAHA technology is already helping global companies profoundly transform their industries, such as Pratt & Whitney (USA) in Aerospace, Coherent (USA) in Optics, and Sumitomo Bakelite (Japan) in Semiconductors. More than 15 million HAHA operations have already been powered by Eureka Controllers in production across factories worldwide.

Key Technologies

Eureka Grasp

Grasp and pick items with human-like dexterity and adaptability without the need for teaching and registration of the items

Deep-Learning Vision

Defect detection, Anomaly detection, OCR, Out-of-Box detection for scratches and defects

High-Accuracy Calibration

End to end calibration using all devices

Motion Planning

Auto trajectories, Collision avoidance, Trajectory transformations, Multi-robot control, Real-time online motion planning

Robust Force Control

Precise control using standard devices and off-the-shelf force sensor

Easy to Use

Eureka Controller GUI

Using Eureka Controller GUI, building the application flow is effortless, intuitive, and doesn’t need any advanced programming.

You can easily develop Computer Vision functionalities using the graphical interface, either to guide the robot motion or to perform quality inspection.

Eureka ML Studio

Eureka ML (Machine Learning) Studio enables you to create your own Deep-Learning models, from data collection to annotation, training, testing, and deployment.

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