Eureka Robotics and Bridgestone revolutionize warehouse automation with ‘Grasp Anything’ system.


This case study details the groundbreaking collaboration between Eureka Robotics and Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures to develop the industry’s first “Grasp Anything” system for warehouse automation.

About Partner

Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation (Japan), focuses on innovative robotics solutions.


Conventional robotic grasping requires extensive programming and object-specific training data. The goal was to eliminate this need and achieve a system that could grasp a wide variety of objects without prior programming.

Solutions by Eureka Robotics

  • Effortless Grasping: The seamless integration of Bridgestone’s Soft Robot Hand with Eureka’s AI technology creates a user-friendly system for automated picking.
  • Unprecedented Flexibility: The system eliminates the need for programming and training data, allowing robots to grasp a vast array of objects, from industrial parts to delicate items like strawberries.
  • Groundbreaking Demonstration: The collaboration’s success was showcased through a public demonstration where visitors witnessed the robot grasp various objects on-the-fly, captivating the audience with its versatility.