[October 5, 2023], [Tokyo] – Eureka Robotics, a fast-growing industrial robotics company with existing offices in Singapore, France, and Vietnam, announced its strategic entry into the Japanese market. The new Eureka Robotics Japan office is located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. With a commitment to transforming industrial automation, the company is introducing its flagship Eureka Controller, ready to help manufacturers improve their productivity, quality, and safety.

Japan enjoys an extensive manufacturing base and a long tradition of advanced robotics. It thus forms an ideal place for deep-tech-driven robotics companies like Eureka Robotics to collaborate with local partners and drive the nation’s robotics and automation transformation to address its profound demographic challenges.

Eureka Robotics’ Products & Technology to Uplift Industrial Robots and Empower Engineering Teams

Eureka Robotics’ flagship product, the Eureka Controller, helps Manufacturing Companies and System Integrators easily and quickly build and integrate Robotics and AI into their products and solutions. Eureka Controller targets high-precision tasks in manufacturing verticals such as (but not limited to): Optics, Electronics, Semiconductors, Aerospace, and Automotive.

Eureka Controller connects with robot arms, 2D/3D cameras, PLCs, sensors, and other industrial devices, and orchestrates them to yield powerful Robotics and AI applications. The key advantages of the Eureka Controller that set it apart are (i) best-in-class capabilities to enable High Accuracy – High Agility (HAHA), and (ii) a user-friendly interface that enables engineers of any background, not just robotics experts, to develop advanced robotics applications in a fast and easy way. Leveraging those advantages, Manufacturing Companies and System Integrators can make their product development cycle faster, more cost-efficient, and yield more powerful, high-quality products.

Eureka Controller
Eureka Robotics’ flagship product: the Eureka Controller

High Accuracy – High Agility (HAHA) technology is critical for robots to perform tasks that require high precision, down to 50 microns, while being able to adapt to uncertainties or changes in the environment – a necessity to cope with rapidly evolving demands and high product mix. Key technical pillars of HAHA are Motion Planning, High-Accuracy Calibration, AI-based Computer Vision, and Force Control, which are all integral parts of the Eureka Controller. Eureka Robotics’ HAHA technology is already helping global companies profoundly transform their industries, such as Pratt & Whitney (USA) in Aerospace, Coherent (USA) in Optics, and Sumitomo Bakelite (Japan) in Semiconductors. More than 10 million HAHA operations have already been powered by Eureka Controllers in production across factories worldwide.

Eureka Robotics’ Strategy as a Pivotal and Reliable Partner in Japan

Eureka Robotics strives to be a pivotal and reliable partner within the Japanese manufacturing ecosystem. Even before officially establishing a branch office in Japan, the company has already built up a strong foothold through partnerships with market-leading players, such as Denso Wave, Mitsubishi Electric, Sigma-Koki, and Shotoku. 

General Manager at Denso Wave, said about Denso Wave’s partnership with Eureka Robotics to develop a Force Control software: “Joint development between Denso Wave and Eureka Robotics began naturally, and we were able to launch the product smoothly […] Thanks to the development capabilities of Eureka Robotics, the product is advanced, yet easy to use […]

Eureka Robotics also enjoys the official support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Finally, the company is backed by  UTEC (The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners), one of Asia’s largest deep-tech VC firms.

As we see Japan as one of the most important markets globally for Robotics, we are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey. With our cutting-edge Robotics and AI technology, and a passionate team, we are confident that Eureka Robotics will significantly contribute to shaping the future of automation in Japan,” said Prof Pham Quang Cuong, Co-founder & CEO of Eureka Robotics, and former researcher at the University of Tokyo. 

Eureka Robotics’ Development Plan in Japan

Eureka Robotics has established its presence in Japan in the vibrant Nihonbashi area of Tokyo. The company offers local pre-sales and post-sales services to its partners and customers in both Japanese and English. Eureka Robotics Japan’s initial team comprises industry veterans who bring a wealth of experience from leading companies such as Nissan, Nidec, Panasonic, and Nordson Japan. With a comprehensive scale-up plan to expand its team to include 30 skilled professionals by 2025, it stands committed to serving the Japanese market immediately and in the long term.

Eureka Robotics regularly invites customers and partners to explore its robot demo cells at the Tokyo office. These interactive showcases provide an opportunity to witness the capabilities of the Eureka Controller firsthand and engage in rich discussions.

The company will be present at the International Robot Exhibition 2023 (iREX) in Tokyo from November 29 to December 04, 2023. Customers and partners are welcome to visit Booth #E8-06, East 7-8 Hall, Tokyo Big Sight, to see Eureka Robotics’ latest innovations and live robot demonstrations for all attendees to experience.

Robot demo cell in Eureka Robotics Japan
Robot demo cells at Eureka Robotics’ Tokyo office

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About Eureka Robotics:

Empowered by Robotics and AI research from NTU Singapore, MIT, and the University of Tokyo, Eureka Robotics delivers robotic software and systems to automate tasks that require High Accuracy and High Agility (#HAHA). With offices in Singapore, France, Vietnam, and Japan and distribution partners in China and the USA, Eureka Robotics prides itself on helping clients, globally, achieve vastly improved productivity, lower costs, and better safety. Common uses include precision handling, assembly, inspection, and other domains.

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