Hello Zhanxin, can you share with us how you got in touch with Robotics?

A robotics dream secretly blossomed in a teenager’s heart when he watched “Iron Man” for the first time. It was not some unrealistic super powers, but rather the high technology that attracted this teenager.

I am that young boy, and I grew up with the strong passion for robots and AI. With that passion, I successfully applied to study at one of the most famous technological universities in the world, and then landed an internship at Eureka Robotics.

How is your internship experience at Eureka Robotics?

As a mechanical engineer intern, I was not assigned some menial assistance work, but rather the very tasks at the heart of actual products. What I enjoy the most is that, not only I can put in practice my existing skills, such as mechanical design, but I can also learn new skills, such as robotic programming, and most importantly, learn how robotic engineers work with each other.

Robotics is a new and growing field, and with professional engineers like those from Eureka Robotics, great successes will come in the near future!