Hello Jingwen, can you share with us how you got in touch with Robotics?

STEM courses in my secondary school provided me an opportunity to get involved with the Robotics field. The experience of building simple robots with LEGO sets stirred up my interest in creating something that can help people in real life. With that interest, I chose to study Mechanical Engineering, with specialization in Mechatronics, during University.

How is your internship experience at Eureka Robotics?

The internship time spent in Eureka Robotics is very enriching and worth every second to me. As a Robotics Intern, I was involved in multiple projects with a group of talented people. Throughout the projects, the team provided a lot of support and guidance to me to achieve the final goals.

Apart from learning new skills, such as developing front-end apps or creating effective mechanical designs, the experience here has also allowed me to identify my competency gaps. This will help me have a clearer plan and directions for my future studies.